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Important information on Medicare Supplement Plans-Medicare Cards

Protecting your identity is very important and Medicare will be mailing from April 2018 new Medicare cards bearing no Social Security numbers. You will receive at no cost a new card on the address you filed with social security. In case you have to update mailing address, you may log into the account of my Social Security and acquire more information.

Learn about Medicare

Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 are offered by Medicare and this is a health insurance plan. This is mainly for seniors who have attained the age 65 or even older. Younger people also can qualify for the Medicare, but they may be people with disabilities and who have kidney failure permanently.

Already Medicare Enrolled

If you are having Medicare already, you can acquire online services and information. You can also understand the way to manage your benefits. However, the fact is that if you have Part A Medicare already and want to sign up for Part B Medicare, you must complete  CMS 40-B , the Medicare application for enrollment, that is Medical insurance through Part B and mail it to the Social Security local office.

Anyone having Medicare can acquire coverage for Medicare prescription drug. However, people with limited income and resources also may seek additional assistance to pay for costs.

Applying for Medicare

Applying for Medicare implies there is a need for signing up for Hospital Insurance- Part A and Medical Insurance- Part B. There is a need to pay Part B premium to receive the coverage. However, in case there is a need and you consider enrolling later on with Part B, you have to pay a late enrolment penalty for Part B coverage for all the period you keep it active.

The monthly premium will rise up for each 12-month period to 10 percent and you will be Part B eligible.  This happens when you fail to sign up during the special enrollment period when you are actually qualified or eligible.

If you are 65 and eligible, the initial period of enrollment starts within three months of your 65th birthday and this is inclusive of the month you turn 65 years and also ends after three months of the birthday date.

Nevertheless, if you ignore or fail to enroll in Part B Medicare Supplement plans during the enrollment initial period, there is another chance that you can make use of and sign up and this is from January 1 to March 31 termed as the general enrollment period. On enrolling here, the coverage starts only from 1 July of the same year you get enrolled.