Conditions When You Might Be Denied Medicare Supplement Plans

Are you thinking of getting enrolled for Medicare supplement plans? Are you sceptical of being denied the enrollment? Well, this is possible if you do not know the eligibility criteria for enrolling in a medical supplement plan.  You might be aware of the original Medicare Part A and Part B and the costs incurred in getting the Medicare. However, you may not be aware of the cost involved in getting a Medicare supplement. Here is an overview of the expenses and the situations in which you may be denied a Medicare supplement plan.

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Conditions when you might be denied medical supplement plans

  • You aren’t enrolled in Original Medicare

In order to get enrolled in Medicare supplement plans, you first need to get enrolled in original Medicare Part A and Part B. if you have neither of the two or are enrolled with only one out of the two, then you will not be considered eligible for the supplement plans. The plans are only intended for those who are listed in Part A and Part B both.

  • You are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans or any other MSA

In conditions when you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans or are listed for Medicare Savings Account Plan. Unless you are switching your plans to original Medicare Part and Part B, you cannot get enrolled in Medicare Supplement plans. Either you need to switch them to original Medicare or get drop the advantage plans.

  • You are under 65 years with Medicare Part A and Part B

If you have enrolled for both original Medicare Part A and Part B but are less than 65 years of age, then there are possibilities of being denied for the medical supplement plans. However you may get enrolled in some private insurance companies, but you will be charged with higher premiums. If you are looking for state-approved Medicare supplements, then you need to attain 65 years of age.

  • Your Medicare supplement plans open enrolment period has ended

Generally, the Medicare supplement plans open enrollment starts from the first day you attain the age of 65. This period lasts for six months in which you need to enrol for original Medicare Part A and Part B and apply for open enrolment. You will be denied for supplement plans if your period expires. You will be additionally asked for higher premiums if you get the enrolments from private insurance companies.